A Timeless Mariott Marquis Wedding In Houston

Things To Consider For Your Mariott Marquis Wedding In Downtown Houston

Julia and Tom’s beautiful, timeless wedding day began at the amazing Mariott Marquis in Downtown Houston. It was the perfect location to start their day as they got ready to say “I do’s” to forever with one another. Today, we look forward to sharing a few things to consider when planning your Mariott Marquis wedding or your Downtown Houston wedding. These are great things to keep in mind that you definitely don’t want to miss!

• Getting ready

These are moments that usually take place separately on the wedding day. Having the images of the both of you getting ready will give you both the opportunity to see moments that you didn’t get to experience with one another. You also get to see the reactions of exchanging gifts, reading letters, or mom helping you get in your dress. There are so many things that happen before walking down the aisle, so don’t miss having your wedding photographer capture those times!

• A first look

This is a special moment that a lot of people have done in a very creative way. There are many couples still wait to see one another during the ceremony, and that is perfectly fine! There’s something about the creativity and emotion that go in to a first look that make us as wedding photographers so happy.

The photos of Julia and Tom that are featured here today are from right after their first look before their Downtown Houston wedding took place. It was wonderful to see Tom’s face as he turned around to see Julia for the first time. It was a special moment that they could share just the two of them. This also gave them the opportunity to spend a little time together before the ceremony began and take photos. This gives them more pictures of the two of them to choose from when they’re picking out the perfect photos to display in their home!

Taking care of Julia and Tom’s Mariott Marquis wedding was a dream come true. This is something that we hope to do for many more couples that plan on getting ready or tying the knot there.

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