Meet the Mundays!


Right from the very beginning, I knew that the wedding of Michael and Sarah was going to be something special! From the very first meeting that we had together at Minuti Coffee in Downtown it was obvious that this couple had a certain energy between them. From countless emails and face to face meetings, I knew going into the wedding day that we were going to have a really great time! Everything was planned and organized perfectly and flowed exactly how a wedding photographer would love it to!

There were so many awesome moments from the day there is no way I could fit it all into one blog post. However, I MUST highlight one moment from the before the ceremony. We were out on the balcony and I was shooting photos of the Groom with all of his Groomsmen. The photo pretty much speaks for itself but imagine it from my perspective. I’m looking at the guys through the tiny viewfinder of my camera and it looks like the one on the far left is about to leap to his death! THAT was a heart-stopping moment for sure!


Awesome couple! Awesome friends and family! AWESOME wedding! I am so excited to get to work with the Mundays on future projects!

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