Life as a Houston Wedding Photographer

Life as a Houston Wedding Photographer – as told by Jessi Marri Photography

I couldn’t ask for a better life! Whenever someone finds out what I do for a living they always ask, “Do you do that full time or part time?” I am so incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to call this Houston Wedding Photographer career a full time job going on 3 years now. In the beginning, the struggle was real! I was working another part time job while at the same time working on building the business and a stable client base. I was working seven days a week and easily 60-70 hours a week between both jobs. It just goes to show how much hard work really does pay off though! As a full time Houston Wedding Photographer, I still work a lot. On any given week, I still put in more than the traditional 40 hour work week. It so different though! Getting to do what you love just doesn’t feel like work so much! Don’t get me wrong, there are still moments doing certain tasks where it is most definitely work and I would rather be doing something else. (who doesn’t feel that way?) However, there is nothing better than the feeling of putting in a hard day of work and at the end knowing that all that effort went to building my own dream¬†rather than someone else’s.

It is a tremendous joy to run and operate my own business a a Houston Wedding Photographer on a full time basis! I cannot imagine being this happy doing anything else in the world. Every single day I am sowing new seeds into the future of this company. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as I continue on this journey!


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