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  • The New Look

  • I am so excited to finally reveal the new logo for Jessi Marri Photography! So many changes have happened over the past 6 years and this fresh new look is just the beginning of many more changes that are coming our way! It is an honor and a privilege to be able to continue to do what I love so much every day! I'm tha[...]
  • Big Things Are Happening!

  • I am so excited for this next season getting ready to happen with the business. As some of you know, I started doing weddings when I was 18 and living in Florida. The past 7 years have been an incredible journey of growing in my skill and developing the company. I have gone though so many phases of change over the year[...]
  • Meet the Mundays!

  • Right from the very beginning, I knew that the wedding of Michael and Sarah was going to be something special! From the very first meeting that we had together at Minuti Coffee in Downtown it was obvious that this couple had a certain energy between them. From countless emails and face to face meetings, I knew going [...]
  • Do Soul Mates REALLY exist?

  • In my entire life, I have never been a believer in the concept of soul mates. I have never believed that there is one uniquely compatible partner out there in the world somewhere and one day we are destined to meet. To me, it has always seemed impractical and frankly a little silly. As a wedding photographer, I get t[...]
  • Valentine's Day Wedding

  • It is a photographer's dream to have a bride like Kirby. From the moment we first met she expressed how the photos of her wedding were one of the most important things to her. She did an excellent job of planning her day to maximize the amount of time that we would get to spend capturing beautiful images. She was ope[...]
  • Remember The Moments

  • We do not remember days; we remember moments.  - Cesare Pavese     As a photographer, I have the great honor of sharing in some very special moments in peoples lives. From their engagement session to their wedding to their maternity and so on... I get to walk with people through some of life's most exciting and most ch[...]
  • Love What You Do

  •      At the age of 25 I feel I have developed a good level of appreciation for the fact that I really get to do what I love more than anything else. Prior to going full time with my art I worked consistently in the service industry for all my life. I waited tables, led people to their seats, washed dishes, worked the r[...]