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  • Why We Love Houston Family Photography

  • Here's a little information on why Two Hearts Studios is your GO TO for Houston Family Photography!   I know you see a lot of posts and blogs about weddings, but we want to change things up a bit today and fill your feed up with some family love! Let's chat a bit about Houston Family Photography and why we l[...]
  • The Joy Of Houston Child Photography

  • Houston Child Photography - Two Hearts Studios  At Two Hearts Studios in Houston, we love capturing your family memories! Those memories be anything from a newborn session at our studio, a family session at the park, or even a child photography session. Houston child photography can be fun for everyone involved! [...]
  • Life as a Houston Wedding Photographer

  • Life as a Houston Wedding Photographer - as told by Jessi Marri Photography I couldn't ask for a better life! Whenever someone finds out what I do for a living they always ask, "Do you do that full time or part time?" I am so incredibly blessed and lucky to be able to call this Houston Wedding Photographer career a [...]
  • Houston Wedding Photographer

  • Houston Wedding Photographer - Jessi Becker (Jessi Marri Photography is a Houston Wedding Photographer) WHO AM I? Who’s that girl? It’s JESS! Entrepreneur, Houston Wedding Photographer, Harley Rider, Mother of 3 puppies, FORD truck driver, Musician , Artist, Adventurer, Risk-Taker, etc. These are a few of the thing[...]
  • Houston Engagement Photography

  • Houston Engagement Photography - Jessi Marri Photography/Wedding Photographer There are so many weddings in Houston. This mean there are a ton of proposals, engagements and Houston engagement photography. Are you engaged? Are you planning on proposing? Making the decision to spend the rest of your lives together for[...]