Big Things Are Happening!

I am so excited for this next season getting ready to happen with the business. As some of you know, I started doing weddings when I was 18 and living in Florida. The past 7 years have been an incredible journey of growing in my skill and developing the company. I have gone though so many phases of change over the years and I am so excited for the one coming up. I am not going to spill ALL of the beans just yet but I just HAD to share some of my excitement with all of you! The past 2+ years of getting to do this full time has been such a blessing. Sure there have been ups and downs but all in all, I wouldn’t trade this thing for anything in the world! There is nothing more exciting or rewarding than getting to do what you love every single day!

I’m looking forward to all the BIG THINGS that are coming this year! I’ll share more soon! Promise!


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