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Things To Remember When Hunting For Your Destination Wedding Videographers

There are so many things to keep in mind while you’re hunting for your Alaska wedding videography team. With Alaska being such a beautiful place, investing in destination wedding videographers is the way to go. And while you are searching for the perfect team for you, there are some things that you should definitely keep in mind…


Did you know that hiring destination wedding videographers is much more affordable than hiring the one at your resort? It’s true! You may think that with the traveling or the accommodations that it would be more expensive, but it actually isn’t!

When you find a team that you like, make sure that you are asking the right questions. Talking about pricing, traveling, and accommodations are the top 3 things to discuss during your consultation!

Airfare and travel fees

It’s so important to have your destination wedding videographers fly in at least 2 days before your event. Why, you ask? You never know if a flight will be delayed. By booking the flight 2 days in advance, you ensure that your Alaska wedding videography team is at your event on the day of!

Also, it’s important to work with them on which airline will be best for them to fly. One thing is because some airlines charge way too much for baggage fees. So, it’s important to work with your Alaska wedding videography team when discussing the best flights and best airlines. Communication is key!

An extra tip…

I know that we’ve mainly talked about pricing and saving money on flights, but another thing to keep in mind for your destination wedding videographers is if they have a drone or not. We’ve said in previous blogs that drone coverage is an industry standard now. While you watch Jacquie and Sean’s Wrangell wedding videography, you can see the beautiful footage that would only be possible by having a drone available.

Alaska is a place that we would love to go back to. Being Jacquie and Sean’s go-to Wrangell wedding videography team was a dream come true. We couldn’t be happier that they trusted us with the special task of capturing their wedding.

If you’re tying the knot and searching for wedding videography team that takes care of destination weddings, get in touch with us today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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